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Who We Are


Alexia Jones has been doing this work for 21 years.  She began using dancing with a small group of women in Tallahassee, Florida to help them maintain their recovery and find a pathway to share the message of  recovery with the community.  

"We used our stories to educate social workers, police officers and many more about being mothers who found themselves addicted. Not only did we share our stories we healed our hearts.  My daughter is the reason I stopped using."


The mission of R2ISE Inc. is to create a safe place for those in recovery and their allies to maintain wellness through the arts.

Our core values are: 

Collaboration.   Sustainability.   Community.   Cultural Competency.  Creativity.

Maintaining health and wholeness is imperative in successfully practicing recovery. Integrating the arts into a wellness plan promotes creativity, inner healing, self-confidence and hope. Implementing artistic expression is self-directed as art is a universal language that speaks from the heart. R2ISE INC. shares creative ways to maintain wellness through interactive arts experiences with peers in recovery.






Core Dance Atlanta

133 Sycamore St..

Decatur, GA 30030

Meet Ups

Tuesdays    6:00-8:00pm

Thursdays  6:00–8:00pm

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Volunteers needed!

CPS, CARES and Allies join our team!

Do you love the arts and recovery? We need your help! ArtistS, dancers, choreographers, singers, musicans, and more:  email us at r2isetheatre@gmail.com


thank you

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Change is not easy but it is inevitable. R2ise is committed to helping others discover and rediscover their gifts and talents. One of our most recent workshops gave us sooooo much joy!

Drumming gives a voice that can harmonize with the voices around us!



Music connects the heart to the moment. Giving each a unique voice to chime in and share in the harmonious sharing circle. No words just sound.. A sound that resonates with recovery. 

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 inspired by Alexia Jones

written by Corey Jones, Clyde Lloyd, Leah Freeman and Mluv

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