Summer Interactive Museum Intensive

Art and recovery gives expression to experiences that do not have words. This summer R2ISE will provide art gatherings for peers to build confidence, inner peace, healing, collaborative relationships, find new pathways to maintain wellness and more….

for more information and to rsvp call 678-705-7211

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680 Murphy Ave Suite 5036

Atlanta, Georgia 30310


I can’t say enough about the feeling of accomplishment I felt last evening when I saw the melting of hearts and minds.  It is a joy to be in the presence of a “total package”.  The support of your organization in the life of clients here in treatment is ‘priceless’.  The combination of treatment structure and the outlet of the interactive museum is almost magical.  It brings the freedom of recovery into full view.

Thank you and your colleagues for the hospitality and love shown to us!!!


Art and Recovery meetings


We want to thank our partners

for all that they do for recovery around Georgia and beyond!